SMS Automations: Cancel, Confirm, Check-In, and Running Late

We offer four different Automatic Reply Actions in the Settings > Automations section. Actions are triggered by keywords of your choosing, and each action has its own customizable automated response.

To setup SMS Automations, go to the Settings > Automations section and:

  • Enable the Cancel, Check-in, Confirm, and/or Running Late automations
  • Add all of the keywords you want to trigger the action
  • Edit your automated replied 
  • Click Save

Also make sure to go to Settings > Notifications to make sure your notifications include instructions for your guests! For example, "You've been added to the Walter's Bistro waitlist. Please reply CANCEL to remove yourself from the list." 


The Cancel Automation will automatically remove a party from your waitlist when they reply with a keyword. 


Use the Check-In Automation to change a reservation's status to Checked In on your Waitlist


The Confirm Automation will change a reservation's status to Confirmed. 

Running Late

The Running Late automation will automatically offset a guest's quoted time by however many minutes you choose.

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