Reserve with Google Integration

Reserve With Google will allow people to join your waitlist from Google properties, e.g., Maps, Search, etc. Go to the Settings > Integrations section of your account to enable Reserve with Google.

Once enabled, new parties from Google will show up with a GOOG sticker next to their name.

It may take up to 24 hours for your waitlist to appear on Google properties.

Requirements for Reserve with Google:

Your account must be configured correctly for the Reserve with Google integration to function correctly.

  1. Public waitlist add mode must be enabled in the Settings > Public Pages section:

  1. You must have a URL and physical address entered in Settings > Account Info

  1. You must have Waitlist Confirmation SMS and Cancellation SMS notifications enabled in the Settings > Notifications section:

We also recommend you go to the Settings > Public Pages section to confirm which schedule is being used for your public pages, and also requiring & setting a maximum party size:

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