How is this used in Health Care?

We have a bunch of health care providers using us to help maintain social distancing, and we've spoken to dozens and dozens of them lately, so we have a pretty good idea how most are using the app.

The approach that seems to be working best is:
  1. Create a custom report in your EHR to show the next day's appointments with their name, phone number, and date & time of the appointment
  2. Export this to a CSV
  3. Go to our system's Appointments page and Import the CSV
  4. Set up a custom appointment reminder SMS that says something like: "Your appointment is in 60 minutes. Reply to this with the word 'here' when you've arrived in the parking lot."
  5. When a patient replies, their status will be changed to "checked in." Then a staff person can press a button to text them when they can come in, with another message that you customize.
  6. When they come in, you mark them as "served" to clear them from your list.
You can also use our system with drop-in appointments, where patients check themselves in when they arrive.
This video walks you through it:

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