What device do I need?

Software Requirements

Our app is a web app and will run on recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge (not preferred). If using an iPad, iOS version 10 or higher.

The app is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Hardware Requirements

No specific requirements. Your device must only be capable of running a modern browser (see above). You can typically get by with "base model" iPads that are WiFi-only and have minimal storage capacity and memory. 

When using a tablet, we recommend a screen size of 9.7" or bigger, just to fit more on your screen. The app will work on a mobile phone, too, but you can see less of your list on one screen.

You can also run the app on your laptop, desktop, or Chromebook in the browser.

Because we do not require a contract and don't over-price the service, we don't provide a device for you.

Network Requirements

You do need a strong internet connection (wifi, hard-wired, or cellular) for the app to work well. If you go offline, so does the app. Make sure you don't have any firewalls that prevent communication to our servers.

Also, your guests need decent mobile service in order to receive texts and calls.

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