Manage Multiple Waitlists

In general, our app is set up so you would have one account per waitlist. It allows you to keep your lists completely separate and have custom notifications for each. E.g., if you have both a dine-in and carry-out list, you would probably want separate accounts so you don't confuse yourself or your patrons. It's hard to make a single ready notification work for both scenarios.

However, if you have a restaurant with multiple seating areas, each area can be considered its own waitlist. Or, if you have a doctor's office with multiple practitioners.

Instead of setting up multiple accounts, you can keep people waiting for different areas separate a few different ways:

Note options

In Settings > Waitlist Options, you can use what we call "note options" to create a drop-down list of options for each party's Note section.

You may also want to check the box for Make Notes field its own column to separate out the Notes section to make these notes more visible at-a-glance.

Make sure to scroll down to Save your settings.

Then, when you're adding someone to your list, you'll get this:

So you can quickly select someone's preference.

Then your list will look something like:

As you can see, it's pretty easy to keep track of which section people are waiting for (or which doctor, etc.).

You can also use the search bar in the upper-right to filter down to just the Notes you care about:

When you set it up like this, you won't see the "First Available" people when you filter down to just the people waiting for Inside.

However, instead of calling it "First Available," you can call it "Inside/Outside," and people will show up on both lists:

If you have more than just one thing you want to track, you can use Resources, too.

Just set up your Resources. Call each resource a Section, and add sections for Inside, Outside, and Inside/Outside. Then you can go back and use your Note Options for something else, e.g., high chair, booth, etc.

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