Error Message: "Sorry, the start or end time is outside your configured business hours, or it's in the past"

If you're getting this error, you are adding a walk-in or reservation whose start or end time is outside of the business hours you have configured in Settings > Schedules:

This is a warning to help prevent you from adding parties when you can't service them.

Here are some ways this might be triggered:

  • You open at 9am. It's 8:40 and you are trying to add your first walk-in, but your estimated/quoted wait for this party is 15 minutes. In our system, that means their "start time" would be 8:55am. You can fix this by making your business hours start earlier to accommodate earlier walk-ins, or you can adjust the quoted time to be 20 minutes so the start time would be 9am.
  • You close at 9pm. You have a dinner service that lasts for 90 minutes and you're trying to add a reservation for 8pm. However, an 8pm reservation that lasts for 90 minutes will go until 9:30pm, which is 30 minutes after you close, so the system won't accept it. You should set your close time in your schedule to be when you want your last reservation to leave by, not when you want to accept your last reservation.

You can also effectively disable the Schedule and error checking by setting your hours to be from 12am - 11:59pm everyday.

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