Configure Alert Notification Sounds

You can be notified when new people add themselves to your list or you receive a new inbound text message. These alert notifications will play as sounds on your device if it is able to play .mp3 files. You can't currently customize the sounds.

Configure your alert notification sounds in Settings > Alerts. We can play a sound when you receive a new inbound SMS message, or when a new party adds themself to your list from the public check-in page, or both.

Troubleshooting Alert Sounds

Some users' sounds don't play after refreshing the page or after minimizing the window.

Google made a change to Chrome that other browsers adopted which prevents the auto-play of sound (or video) if the user hasn't interacted with the page. If someone loads up TablesReady in their browser then minimizes the window or changes tabs, because they haven't clicked anything, the browser won't play the alert notification sounds.

Here's Google's full page on these policy changes:

The simplest workaround is to make sure you interact with the page before navigating away. Click something -- anything!

The next option is to update the Chrome start command to use:

chrome.exe --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required

However, this hasn't worked for all users in our experience.

Another option is to configure your Chrome browser settings to always allow TablesReady to play sound. Here's a video of this.

Another option is to have your IT department apply an enterprise policy change to create an Autoplay Whitelist: This would allow you to roll this out organization-wide without updating each computer/browser.

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