SMS Sign Up: Text to Add to Waitlist

To configure the SMS self sign up feature, go to Settings > Automations section of your account: 

First click to enable it, then choose the public waitlist name you want people to use when adding themselves to your list.

The phone number people should text is at the top. This is the same number for everyone, so people must use the "Public name" when texting us so that we know which waitlist they want to be added to.

The first 2 words of the message people use must be "add" (case insensitive) and your public name, with a single space between them, and a single space afterwords. I.e., they must be separate words from anything else.

So, this message will work:

  • add demonstration john doe
  • Add Demonstration Blah Blah Blah

Anything after the waitlist name will be added to the name field of the party. We don't currently have the ability to accept party size or any additional information in these messages.

These messages will not work:

  • Demonstration Mike [needs to have the "add" keyword]
  • Add demonstration. Mike [can't have the period after the waitlist name]
  • Add demonstration-Jane ["demonstration" and "Jane" must be separated by at least 1 space]

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