Page is Not Refreshing Automatically

If your page is not refreshing automatically, you have lost your connection to our real-time data updating service. This often happens if you stop using the app or device for a period of time. iOS devices, in particular, will kill this connection anytime the device's screen is turned off. 

Another common cause is a poor internet connection. If your network is slow, bogged down, or the signal is weak, the information sent between your device and our server that keeps the connection alive may fail and cause a disconnect. You may want to check or to see if your network speeds are solid.

The other cause of this problem could be an outdated browser. Make sure you are not using Internet Explorer. Edge should work, but a current version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari is preferred.

To re-establish the connection, you should just need to refresh your page. On tablets, just swipe down.

If things don't improve, try a "hard refresh" by hitting Ctrl + F5 on a computer. On a tablet, you may need to clear your browser cache, or try logging in from a Private/Incognito window.

If you're still having problems, the next level of debugging is to open your Developer Tools window. On Chrome and Firefox, you can do this by hitting F12. On Safari, you have to first turn on the Develop menu in Preferences > Advanced. Then select "Show Javascript Console" from the new Develop menu.

Once this is open, you can check the console for errors. You should see the words "connected to socket" if the real-time data updater is connected:

If you see an error, try refreshing until the "connected to socket" message appears.

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