What to do if People Don't Show Up

If people are adding themselves to your public waitlist but not showing up for a few hours (long after you texted them), here are a few suggestions:

  • Edit the text on your public pages, the Header 2 or Header 3 fields, to say: "Only add yourself to the list if your whole party is ready for a table" or something like that. Modify this in Settings > Public Pages, and scroll down to the page customization section. Make sure to hit save at the bottom.
  • Edit your SMS Ready notification in Settings > Notifications to say: "Your table is ready. Please return to the host stand within 10 minutes or you will lose your place in line." (Or similar.) Make sure to scroll down and hit save.

Then, just remove people from your list if they don't show up on time. We show you how long it's been since you sent them a text, and whether it went through.

You can add them back to your list if they show up later, but just put them at the bottom of the list.

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