Online Bookings Setup

Probably the quickest way to get started would be to watch this video. We recorded it to show how a restaurant can get started setting up their online reservations, but it should help you even if you're not a restaurant.

You can also get more details by reading how to set up Schedules, Services, and Resources.

Configuring Your Booking Options

Appointment label

Choose what you want to call things. Reservations? Appointments? Bookings?

Set reservations as default page

Instead of defaulting to the Waitlist page when you load the app.

Limit appointments per time slot

You have 20 tables, but you don't want everyone to book them at 6pm on Saturday night, or else you'll crush your kitchen and staff. Choose the max number of bookings you'll take at a given time slot start time.

Online appointments

Choose to enable Online Appointments. Make sure you checkout the video above and set up your Schedule, Services, and Resources.

When this is checked, you'll get even more options.

Service selection required

In the online booking form, this will have people select from your configured services when booking.

If you only have 1 service, like Shopping, you shouldn't check this. Or, if you have multiple services that don't overlap in their timing (e.g., Lunch and Dinner), you don't need to check this.

Resource selection required

In the online booking form, this will have people select from your configured resources when booking.

Most restaurants wouldn't want to ask people to choose a table.

Stylists and Barbers would probably want their customers to choose who they want to see.

Search by party size

Ask your customers to enter their group size when booking online.

Search by time

Ask party to enter their preferred time when searching for availability. Otherwise, when searching, all your availability for the selected day will be shown.

Allow Multiple Parties to Book a Resource

If not checked, each booked party will occupy an entire Resource.

For restaurants, you probably don't want 2 parties of 2 to occupy a table of 4. Don't check this.

For retailers, and you want different groups to be able to be in your single resource ("Store") at the same time, you should check this.

Count each person in a group as 1 spot each

If "allow multiple parties to book a resource" is checked, this option will appear. Do you want each person in a group to count towards the capacity, or is your capacity based on the number of groups (not people)?

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