SMS Automations: Cancel, Confirm and Check-In

Enable Automatic Replies in the Settings > Automations section so that parties are automatically removed, confirmed, or checked-in with a simple text reply.

The Cancel option will automatically remove parties from your waitlist when they reply with a keyword. The Confirm option will automatically change the reservation status to confirmed, while the Check-In option will automatically change reservation status to "checked in".

To get setup:

  • Enable the CancelCheck-in, and/or Confirm automatic reply.
  • Add all of the keywords you want to trigger the action. 
  • If desired, edit your automated replied (hot tip: these would be great places to share upcoming events/promotions or links to your social media pages!)
  • If you haven't yet, go to Settings > Notifications to make sure your Waitlist Confirmation and Appointment Reservation SMS messages include instructions for your customers!

Automated SMS Replies

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