Retail Quick Start Guide

After working with so many Retail businesses, we've got a pretty good idea about what needs to be done to get your waitlist set up for your business. With TablesReady, it's only 3 easy steps and won't take you long, I promise. Ready to dive in? Let's go!

By the end, you'll be know how to customize your notifications, offer contactless check-in, and customize your waitlist. 

Ready to dive in? Let's go!

1. Customize Your SMS Notifications

Head to Settings > Notifications and customize up to 8 different notifications to keep your customers engaged and in the loop. Set 'em and forget 'em, or change them up on a regular basis to let shoppers know about upcoming specials or events!

Take it to the next level and make your notifications work for you — pop into Settings > Automations to enable up to 5 different SMS automations. The Cancellation Automation will help keep your waitlist accurate & customer flow streamlined! 

2. Explore Contactless Check-In Options

Save Time and Automate Your Wait

Your staff is busy helping customers and fulfilling orders and don't have time to add every walk-up to the waitlist — instead, take advantage of contactless check-in to help things run smoother for your customers and your employees. Go to the Settings > Public Pages section to create and download a QR code you can post around your location, or grab an embed code to add your waitlist to your website.

3.Customize Your Public-Facing Pages

Make Your Waitlist Match Your Brand

Add your business's logo and change the colors of your public pages to match your brand in the Settings > Public Pages section. Pro tip: you can display your public waitlist (and estimated wait time) on a monitor so customers can quickly see their spot in line! 

That's it! See, what'd I tell you? Setting up TablesReady for a Healthcare setting is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Now that you've got everything in place, try adding yourself to your new waitlist and watch as the magic happens!

Of course, this isn't the end-all be-all of TablesReady and every business is different; take a look around and contact us and let us know if you need a hand with any other features  — we're here and happy to help!

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