Tables are Listed in a Funny Order

If you're using Online Bookings or Table Management, you may see your tables show up in a strange order when adding a new reservation and assigning a table to walk-in:

To change this order, there are 2 places you should go.

First, head to Settings > Resources & Table Management. You'll see a list of your resources. You should select Sort by: Order and Save, then use the arrows to get the tables in the order you want:

Next, head to Settings > Reservation Options and look for your Table Auto-Assignment Prioritization Method.

This option will affect the default sort order of resources. The options are:

  • Random: random sort and random table assignment
  • Alphabetical: sort by table name
  • Resource order: use the order you just set in Resource & Table Management Settings
  • Round robin: assign party to the resource with the fewest upcoming reservations in the next few hours

To control the sort order in the Table selection drop down, you should choose Resource order and Save.

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