Creating Floor Plans

Our latest feature to help you manage your front of house even more effectively is table management.

Here's what we'll cover in this article:

Preparing to create your first floor plan

Click on the Floor Plan page from the left side navigation:

Click the Settings/Resources link to be taken to the Table Management Settings.

If you see a yellow banner asking you to set up Resources that looks like:

Click the "General Settings" tab (next to "Floorplan Setup") to enable your resources. It should look something like this:

If you've never set up your business hours or services please follow the first 2 steps outlined in Online Bookings Setup to get your first Schedule (hours) and Service (Lunch, Dinner, etc.) created.

Now you're ready to create your first floor plan!

Creating a floor plan

Click "Add your first Floorplan," name it, and "Add":

If you're on an iPad or device with a smaller screen, you'll see something like this:

Click the < button on the middle right of the screen to open up the Floorplan settings:

From here, you drag and drop to create your table layout. We have square, circle, and rectangular shapes you can use, but you can drag to change their shape once they're on the canvas.

Configuring a Table

Once your first table is on the map, you'll be presented with some settings on the right:

The first option is to select whether it's a New or Existing table.

If you've never set up tables in TablesReady before, select "New." We'll prepopulate the "Name" field with Table 1, Table 2, ...., etc. for each new table you create. If you'd like to change the name, feel free!

If you already have your tables set up as Resources, you can select "Existing" and choose once from the Resource Name list:

Next, set the min and max capacity of the table. What's the smallest & largest party size you would seat here?

Availability lets you choose whether this table is available for reservations or walk-ins only, or both.

Choose the Services you want to make this table available for. E.g., is this only open at Dinner, or is it available during every meal?

We'll come back to the Sections option below. You can skip it for now.

Last, you can choose some pre-set options for the size, shape, and rotation of the table. You can also hit "Save" and drag the object border to resize it manually.

You've created your first table! Go ahead and build out your floor plan.

Adding Objects

You can add other objects to the floorplan to help orient yourself. Add a big rectangle for your bar, or a place for your host stand.

Just drag one of the gray shaded Objects from the bottom right of the tables settings to your canvas:

You can name it, change the rotation, and drag and drop to change the shape and move it around the table map.

Deleting tables and objects

If you want to delete any table or object from the floor plan, just click on it.

Just above the Save and Cancel buttons is some red text that says Delete. Click it and confirm.

Adding Another Floor Plan

If you have other dining areas, such as a patio or a second level, you may need to add another floor plan.

From the Floor Plan settings bar on the right, there's a big button that say + Add floor plan. Click that.

After you name it and add it, you can select it from the drop-down in the upper-left for your plan:

Then you'll be brought to a blank canvas where you can begin adding tables as before.


If you want to see different areas of your table grouped by color, you'll want to use sections. In the end, it will look something like:

Currently, sections aren't used for anything else in the app other than color grouping.

To create a section, open up the Floor plan Settings:

Within that, click the Sections tab (next to the Tables tab):

Clikc to Add Section, which brings up these options:

In this example, I named the section Dining Room, selected the tables from the list that I wanted to be a part of it, chose a color, and hit save.

We then created a new section called Bar/Lounge and grouped the remaining tables:

Which gave us this:

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