Is TablesReady Offered in Different Languages?

The manager side of TablesReady is only offered in English, but you can customize your public pages to fit your needs. Here's an example of a public Waitlist View page in Spanish:

Or, here's a screenshot:

To setup your account so it can be used in a different language:

  • Setup your Notifications so they are written in your native language
  • Add Custom Text in the Settings > Public Pages section in your native language
  • Disable the "Estimated Wait Time (top of screen)" option in Settings > Public Pages, as that cannot be translated.
  • Disable the "Column Names in Waitlist View" in Settings > Public Pages, as column names cannot be translated.

If you plan on using the public Waitlist Add page, you should also customize your Field Labels in Settings > Public Pages, but there are a few limitations to be aware of:

  • Buttons (such as Add, Clear, and View Waitlist) cannot be translated
  • The disclaimer at the bottom of the waitlist add page cannot be translated (By adding yourself with your phone number, you agree to receive SMS notifications from Demostración about your wait.)

Using special characters (á, ñ, etc.) in your text messages will limit your character limit to 70. This is because special characters change the encoding standard. You can read more here.

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