Services Setup

Services are the types of reservations/appointments you offer (i.e. Lunch, Dinner, Shopping, Haircut, Office Visit, etc.). 

You must have Services set up in order to take online reservations/appointments.

Configure Service Settings

Before creating your Services, enable and configure your settings:

  • Enable Services: Check this to enable or disable Services 
  • Services label: Choose what you want your services to be called. (Most businesses don't need to change this, but if you're a restaurant, you could call it "Dining," for example.)
  • Display on Waitlist & Reservations pages: Check this to have a Services column shown on your Waitlist and Reservations page
  • Sort by: By default, we'll sort the list of your services by name in alphabetical order, but you can select a different order from the dropdown menu.

Add Services

Add a new service by clicking the green plus in the bottom right corner:

You will need to set the following for each new Service: 

  • Name: Display name for the service.
  • Availability: Select whether or not you want the service available on your Public Check-in and/or Reservations/Appointments.
  • Schedule: Select the Schedule that the service should use. If each Service is offered at different times, make sure you have a separate Schedule setup for each. 
  • Duration: The length of the Service type.
  • Category: Optionally add categories to your Services to help keep them organized.

For now, entering the Description and Price fields doesn't do anything.

Manage Services

After you've created your services, you can change the order they are displayed by hitting the arrows in the "Re-Order" column.

You can also enable, disable, edit or delete any service by selection the status toggle or the Action buttons.

Here are some different ways businesses might set up services:


  • One service called "Food" or "Dining" that lasts for 90 minutes and is available on both the waitlist and reservations pages.
  • One service for Lunch and one for Dinner. Lunch lasts 75 minutes but Dinner lasts 90 minutes.
  • One service for Outside Dining and Indoor Dining.


  • One service called "Shopping" that lasts for 30 minutes (or however long the average shopper spends in your store)


  • One service for each of your offerings, e.g., Cut, Color, Trim, Men's haircut, Shave, etc. Each would be configured with its own duration.

Motor Vehicles

  • One service for each of the transactions you offer, e.g., Driver's License Renewal, Real ID, Records Printing, etc.

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