Schedules Setup

First, navigate to Settings > Schedules. You should have at least one schedule already created for you:

Click the pencil icon to edit these hours.

Set the hours you want by day, or mark your business as closed. Click "Apply to All" to quickly apply settings from Monday to all the other days.

If you close in the middle of the day, you can check the box at the bottom of the page to enter 2 sets of hours for a given day, like 11am-2pm and 5-9pm. If you check that box, you'll get a second row of times to enter for each day.

If you happen to stay open past midnight on a given day, click "next day" to set that up:

To mark yourself as closed on holidays, click "Set Detailed Hours by Date" then select a date and hit "Edit Detailed Hours" and Save.

You can also set up multiple schedules by hitting the big green "+" button in the lower-right.

Your first/primary schedule should be your overall hours. Additional schedules can narrow that window for different services you might have, or for your public waitlist pages.

If you're open from 3pm - 10pm, but you only want your public waitlist to be open from 3-6pm, you can create a new schedule that is from 3pm - 6pm every day and then assign your Public Pages to use that schedule in Settings > Public Pages.

Or, if you're a restaurant and serve food all day but one of your sections is only open for part of the day, you could create a schedule for that section and assign the schedule in Services. (See the Setting Up Services page for more details.)

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