Webhooks are a way for you to automatically receive information as it is updated within TablesReady.

For example, if you use an alternate scheduling system to create appointments, you can add them to TablesReady automatically using our API.

If you would like to add information back to your scheduling system about when that party has checked in or is marked as served, you can create a Webhook where we will send information back to you that would allow you to update your scheduling system.

Another example is if you have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, or a Point of Sale that contains your customer information. When walk-ins are added to TablesReady, perhaps you would like to have this information automatically sent to your CRM or POS. You would use Webhooks for that.

To set up webhooks, go to Settings > Integrations.

Click the "Add" button under Webhooks:

Type in the endpoint URL you would like us to send the information to. If you're using Zapier to help you manage your webhooks, the URL might look like: https://hooks.zapier.com/hooks/catch/232322/asdfasef/

From there, you can select which events you would like to trigger updates to that endpoint.

You can set up separate endpoints for each event. The events are:


Anytime a new party is created in your system, we will POST the Party information to that URL.


Anytime a party's information is updated, we will POST the full updated Party information to that URL.


When a reservation/appointment is checked in, we will POST the full updated Party information to that URL.


When a party is marked as served or canceled, we will POST the full updated Party information to that URL.

You can view the API docs to see what the full Party request body will look like.

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