Creating Transactions in Square

There are two ways to create transactions in Square so that they sync over to TablesReady:

Add Customer Information to Order Ticket

If you have a printer (or Fresh KDS setup to act like a printer), you can add customer information to the Order Ticket number and it will automatically be parsed by TablesReady. 

(No printer or KDS? No problem, skip ahead!) 

First, go to to Settings > Integrations to make sure the option outlined below is enabled:

Then, configure your Square settings to print order tickets & ticket stubs and choose to have ticket numbers entered manually (more information available here). 

Once these options are enabled, you can simply type the phone number in the ticket number field in Square and TablesReady will parse any digits. If you enter a name first, we'll parse that, too! 

These are all examples of valid inputs you can use:

  • 8558987243
  • Mike 855-898-7243
  • John (800) 555-1212
  • mike 8558989243 

Add Customer to Order:

Alternatively, you can add customers to their orders:

  1. Start taking an order. At any point in the order (even after you finish the transaction), click to add a customer to the order.
  2. Click to create a new customer.
  3. Enter the customer's name and phone number.
  4. Save the customer and click "Add to Sale."
  5. Hit "New Sale" to ensure the customer information is pushed to Square's servers and then on over to TablesReady.

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