Square Waitlist Integration

Connect to Square

First, connect your Square and TablesReady accounts.

Authorize your Square account with TablesReady under Settings > Account > Square Connect. 

Select which location(s) you want to sync to our waitlist app and hit "Sync Selected Locations."

Configure the Integration

There are several options you can configure in the app.

  • Hide transactions with no phone number: for any transaction that you don't want to have show up in TablesReady, you can choose to not add a customer & phone number in Square and if this option is checked, the transaction will be hidden in TablesReady.
  • Hide Square Receipt # once customer information has been received: When your transaction first flows into TablesReady, it will likely just have the Receipt # and the order items (if you've chosen to display this). The customer information is updated later as Square updates it on their servers (this happens more slowly). By default, when we receive the customer name and phone number, we will move the Receipt # into the "Notes" field so you can still reference it. If you select this option, however, we will remove the Receipt # altogether.
  • Display order items with modifiers in Notes field: use your TablesReady waitlist as a Kitchen Display System and see the full order details right within the app.
  • Only show transactions and order items from these categories: If you take both Food and Drink orders but fulfill the Drink orders right away and don't want them to show up in TablesReady, select this option and add the "Food" category to the input field to filter just for that. It has to be entered exactly right -- watch out for spaces and capitals!

Configure Square

Ensure "Customer Management" is enabled in your Square settings.

That's it!

Creating Transactions in Square

Then, start taking orders in your Square Point of Sale app:

  1. Start taking an order. At any point in the order, even after you finish the transaction, click to add a customer to the order.

  2. Click to create a new customer.

  3. Enter the customer's name and phone number.

  4. Save the customer and click "Add to Sale."

  5. Hit "New Sale" to ensure the customer information is pushed to Square's servers and then on over to TablesReady.

The name, phone number, receipt #, and order items (if selected) will then automatically populate in your TablesReady waitlist. Then you can notify customers that their food is ready with the click of a button!

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