Customize Your Public Pages

You can customize your public-facing pages in the Settings > Public Pages section of your account. 

Uploading a Logo
Manage Field Settings
Custom Text
Select Fields to Display Theme Colors

  1. Click Choose File and select select your logo. Your image must be a .png, .gif, .jpg, or .webp filetype.
  2. Click Upload
  3. Select the image display location from the dropdown menu
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click Save. 

There are no size limits for your logo. We will display your logo with a maximum height of 200px and a maximum width of 400px.

If your image file is larger, won't resize the image, but we will constrain the display dimensions. For example, if you upload a full resolution 5 megabyte image, we will display it smaller but customers will still download the full image so the page will take a long time to load.

Manage Field Settings:

The field Label is what guests will see on your public waitlist. Customize the verbiage to match your brand's voice, or use the Special requests/Notes field to collect additional information (like email addresses or table preference). You can show specific fields on your Waitlist View and Add pages, and/or make the required: 

After customizing your "Special requests/Notes" field label, you can add a drop-down list of options for your clients to select from:

Custom Text:

You can add Custom Text to each of the following pages:

  • Waitlist View page
  • Waitlist Add page
  • Online Bookings page
  • Online Booking confirmation page 
  • Footer

These are great places to add your hours of operation, contact information, or anything customers need to be aware of (i.e. mask mandates or social distancing):

Select Fields to Display:

You can further customize your Waitlist View and Waitlist Add pages by enabling and disabling the following fields:

  • First Letter of Name Only: Only shows the first letter of a customer's name. 
  • Actual Wait Time for Each Party: Adds a column that shows how long each party has been waiting on your Waitlist View page. 
  • Estimated Wait Time (top of screen): Displays current Estimated Wait Time at the top of your Waitlist View page. 
  • Column Names in Waitlist View: Adds column names (i.e. Position, Name, Phone Number) to your Waitlist View page.
  • Position in line: Adds a column that shows the position in line on Waitlist View page. 
  • "Upcoming parties" header: Displays "Upcoming Parties" at the top of your Waitlist View page.

Theme Colors:

Customize the colors of your public waitlist and online bookings page. Note: if you plan on embedding your waitlist or online bookings page into your website, consider setting the background color as the same color as your website so it blends right in! 

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