Customize the Manager-Facing Waitlist Page

You can customize the Manager side of TablesReady under Settings > Waitlist Options. Changes made on this page will only impact the Manager side, not your public pages. 

Waitlist Options:
  • Default wait time (mins): This is the time that will pre-populate when adding someone to your Waitlist. To save time, set this to your most commonly quoted wait, or to 0 if you don't want to quote waits.
  • Default party size: This is the time that will pre-populate when adding someone to your Waitlist. Set this to your most common group size.

  • Sort parties by: This is your default sort option for your Waitlist. You can sort by arrival time or their quoted time. (Sorting by quoted time makes it easier to track things if you quote different sized groups different wait times.)
  • Wait fields to display: These are all the columns that will appear on your Waitlist. The Notify and Actions columns cannot be removed or disabled.

  • Auto-remove waiting parties from your list after: Enable this to clear out everything on your waitlist after a certain amount of time.
  • Note options: If you would like to use your Notes field to have a drop-down list of options that you can select (such as table number, provider name, auto make, etc.), you can enter the predefined options here. You can still add custom notes with pre-defined options. 
Display Options:
  • Customer label: Choose what to call your customers throughout the app (i.e. party, guest, patient, shopper, diner, member, etc.)
  • Quoted time label: Choose what to call your estimated time throughout the app (i.e. quoted time, ETA, scheduled time, etc.)
  • Use compact view for waitlist, appointments, and parties tables.: Instead of the default view, enable this for a compact view. 
  • Show parties more than 12+ hours in future: By default, TablesReady will only show parties up to 12 hours in the future. Enable this option to see all upcoming parties. 
  • Show count of waiting parties by party size in the wait list footer: Adds a small counter at the bottom of the page displaying a breakdown of waiting parties

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