Customize Your Notifications

You can enable, disable, and customize your notifications in Settings > Notifications. You can change your text message and voice call scripts as often as you like — we've got you covered whether you want to "set it and forget it" or need to update every day with the chef's special!

Your text message can say whatever you want; TablesReady provides a default template that works well for most businesses, but you are welcome to customize the message to suit your establishment's individual needs. Mention drink specials, promote your Facebook page, or remind your guests to check in on FourSquare. The possibilities are endless! (Nothing offensive, please.)

Using special characters (á, ñ, etc.) in your text messages will limit your character limit to 70. This is because special characters change the encoding standard. You can read more here.

Types of Notifications

We offer 8 different types of SMS notifications and one Voice notification. You can disable all but the Ready Notifications. 

  • Ready Notification - SMS
  • Ready Notification - Voice
  • Default SMS Reply
  • Waitlist Confirmation SMS
  • Next-in-line SMS
  • Completed/Follow-Up SMS
  • Appointment Confirmation SMS
  • Appointment Reminder SMS

All notifications (sending and receiving) count towards your monthly usage.

Using Dynamic Fields

You can use Dynamic Fields to pre-fill text messages with information about the reservation/appointment:

  • {link} — a link to your public waitlist (your public waitlist must be enabled in Settings > Public Pages for this to work). If you add this field to your Appointment Confirmation or Appointment Reminder SMS, it will link customers to their appointment confirmation page where they can cancel or edit their appointment. 
  • {name} — the name that has been entered for the customer 
  • {quoted} — estimated wait time in minutes
  • {size} — size of the group
  • {note} — any notes you've entered. Note: long notes may cause the texts to send in multiple parts.
  • {date} — the scheduled date & time for a reservation/appointment
  • {business} — the name of your business
  • {resource} — the name of the resource applied to the party
  • {service} — the name of the service applied to the party
  • {reservation} — the name of the appointment label (i.e. reservation, appointment, or booking) 

Dynamic Fields cannot be used for voice notifications.

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