Resources Setup

Resources must be set up in order to take online reservations/appointments. They can also be useful if you want to keep track of the particular resource your guest will be using during their visit.

Resources can be thought of as tables for restaurants, barbers for barbershops, stores for retailers, stations/counters for DMVs, doctors or exam rooms for health care offices, etc.

Configure Resource Settings

First, navigate to Settings > Resources. Click to Enable resources.

Choose what you want your resources to be called (should be singular to make things more grammatical in the app, e.g., "Table" or "Staff" or "Kayak").

The option to display the resource on the waitlist and appointments/reservations pages is useful if you have more than one resource. You can enable or disable this.

You can also group your resources by category, if you'd like, or sort them in a specific order. By default, we'll sort the list of your resources by name in alphabetical order. Restaurants can think of the "category" as the "section" restaurant, potentially, so tables can be grouped according to that.

Once you've chosen your options, hit "Save."

Add Your Resources

Once you've saved, a new area of the screen will show up that will list your resources.

Hit the big green "+" button to add your first resource. 

The main considerations when setting up the services you need are:

  • The capacity of the resource. What's the minimum and maximum number of people a given resource can accommodate?
  • The services the resource can provide. Do you want this table to be available for your Food or Outdoor Dining service? Does this stylist do hair color?

For now, entering the Description doesn't do anything.

You can also choose whether to make the resource available on your waitlist and/or on your reservations/appointments pages. Maybe you have a stylist that only takes appointments and never any drop-ins.

Here are some different ways businesses might set up services:


  • Tables grouped into categories (sections) that can provide both a Lunch and Dinner service (or a single Dining service). Tables of 4 are allowed to seat a minimum of 2 people, whereas tables of 2 can set singles.


  • One service called "Store" that allows anywhere from 1-25 people in the building at a time.


  • One for each staff member, with a min and max capacity of 1 (can only serve one person at a time).

Motor Vehicles

  • One resource for each of the stations where a customer can be helped, with a min/max capacity of 1.

Also, you can choose to set up all your resources without assigning any services, then afterwards assign a service to all your resources:

Manage Your Resources

After you've created your resources, you can change the order they are displayed by hitting the arrows in the "Re-Order" column.

You can also enable, disable, edit or delete any resource by selecting the status toggle or the Action buttons.

Next Steps

If you're trying to set up Online Bookings, your next step will be to edit your Reservation/Appointment Options.

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