Add a Guest to Your Waitlist, Notify Them, and Mark Them as Served

Add a Guest to your Waitlist
Send Your Ready Notification
Mark a Guest as Served

Add a Guest to your Waitlist:

To add a guest to your waitlist:

  1. Click the green plus sign in the lower righthand corner
  2. Add the guest's phone number, name, and any applicable notes
  3. Click Confirm

Send the Ready Notification:

When you're ready for your guest, click the Notify button on your Waitlist to send your Ready SMS: 

Your can customize your Ready SMS in the Settings > Notifications section of your account. 

Mark a Guest as Served:

After you've seated/served a guest, click the green checkbox under Actions to mark them as served:

After being marked as Served, the guest will move from your Waitlist to the Recent section. 

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