Contactless Check-In Overview

Offering your guests Contactless Check-In options can reduce lines and crowds, offer more opportunities for social distancing, and save you and your staff time. 

Here are some ways you can offer a contactless check-in experience: 

  • Embed your Waitlist and/or Appointments page into a page on your website — this option also gives you more control over the URL you share. For example, instead of using, your Waitlist URL could be Read more.
  • Make a QR code and display it around your location; customers can scan the code with their phone and add themselves to your waitlist! Read more.
  • Utilize our SMS Sign-Up feature so customers can add themselves with a simple text. Read more.
  • Set up an iPad as a public check-in kiosk. Read more.
  • Add a Book Now button to your business's Facebook page. Read more.

Another way involves importing your appointments and sending an automatic reminder SMS before the appointment, then people can reply to that message with the word "here" or "arrived" to auto-check in. Read more about SMS automations here

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